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There is a theorem which states that the limit of a convergent sequence cannot be deduced from any finite number of its terms. More than that, that it cannot even be deduced that a sequence is (or is not) convergent from any finite number of terms.

This has implications for the concept of frequentist probability: namely, that it is a theoretical construct which cannot in practice be used.

"Really?", I can almost hear you asking. "What have I been using every day of my working life, then?". The answer is that, unless you are a theoretician, you have not been using probabilities; you have been using estimates of probabilities.

This confusion between an entity and an estimate of that entity is one which is rarely made in any other branch of mathematics, but is made every day when it comes to probabilities.

At this point, I can visualize you shrugging your shoulders and saying "So what?"

The "so what" is that the consequences -for the theory and the practice- are far greater than you might believe.

This site is about sorting out that confusion.

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